It’s strange to think that as a society, we are going to have to provide a vaccination passport to endure our personal freedoms.


To stop the spread of COVID-19, and the deaths of loved ones, the world has turned its reliance towards a heavily studies vaccine.


But is there a price to pay? Is it right for our personal freedoms to be put at stake? 


Many countries around the globe are introducing vaccine passports, that will be mandatory for everyday living activities. In countries like the United Kingdom, Italy, and France, they have already been implemented.


All three countries require an individual to have two shots of the vaccine to travel abroad, or to have a negative PCR test. In addition, France mandates people to have the vaccine or a negative PCR test to visit a venue with more than 50 people. These venues include cafes, bars, and restaurants (or any venue with more than 50 people). Also, from September the British will require two jabs of a negative test to enter a nightclub.


The one thing these restrictions have caused is for society to divide – like religion and politics, these requirements have divided people over their personal beliefs. 


Is taking the vaccine for public safety the right thing to do? Or is having the choice to take it and not be restricted morally correct? 


The For 


From a survey of 6000 Italians, French, Germans, and Brits, all but Germany were in favour of vaccine passports for travel. Moreover, seven out of ten Britons were in favour of vaccine passports to travel, making the United Kingdom the most favoured country.


Of course, the main reason is to protect society, as the vaccine reduces chances of the virus mutating.


Also, the Guardian explains other reasons for the mandatory vaccines being to reopen the borders safely without fear of the virus, and for opportunities including work. The world has stalled, and by “getting a certificate, some individuals who have been deprived of access to certain work opportunities by the pandemic could benefit”. 



The Against 


World Wide Demonstration is an organisation that is “devoted to emboldening citizens to push back against Coronavirus related Restrictions in their countries”, and demonstrations have taken part in 180 cities globally. The reasoning for the protests are because people believe civil liberties and human rights are at risk.


According to the demonstration’s website, freedom of movement and health and liberties such as privacy are at stake due to mandatory vaccines.


Moreover, Liberty, an independent organisation that ” challenges injustice, defends freedom and campaigns to make sure everyone in the UK is treated fairly” has explained that the introduction of vaccine passports will “undermine relationships, seeding distrust and division”. The campaign further explains that mandatory vaccines are a “by-product of the failings of this Government’s entire pandemic response”.


We recognize that both sides are just as equally valid, but what do you think?

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