Hundreds of thousands of Freedom Protestors line cities across the globe – But did you see it?

If you’re a Twitter user you’ve undoubtedly seen the platform light up over the last 24hours with photographs and video footage of the Freedom protests occurring in major cities across the globe yesterday.

In cities across Australia, Germany, Canada, USA, UK, Japan Belgium, Poland, India, Netherlands France, Switzerland, Sweden, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, Luxembourg, Norway, Iran, Jamaica, Greece, Portugal, Spain & Italy, hundreds of thousands of protestors took to the cities to protest for ‘freedom’.


The worldwide Demonstration 2021, was led with collaboration from multiple organisations across the globe all with a common goal – to take a stand for freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom of choice, freedom of assembly, and freedom of health (


The objectives are defined – an end to “excessive and unlawful coronavirus restrictions”, “unreasonable and tyrannical suppression of dissent by police forces”, a stop to the destruction of the livelihoods and freedoms of the people caused by “lockdown and border closures”. They protest for the end of “mask mandates”, to put a stop to mandatory “coronavirus vaccinations (which are) being rolled out internationally” and an end to “media propaganda”(

Hundreds of thousands of protestors marched and demonstrated for their rights and freedoms, with organisers urging their followers to reject all acts of violence and discrimination and to assemble in the major cities, peacefully.


This comes only 4 days after the U.K’s Freedom Day (July 19th) – a day on which all Covid restrictions were lifted and life as we knew it was to return to some degree of normality. However, the day was short-lasting, being overshadowed by the announcement that Covid vaccine passports would be made mandatory for entry into nightclubs and other venues with large crowds from September 2021. And London mayor Sadiq Khan challenging government policy by ordering compulsory mask-wearing on all buses, tubes, and trams across London. All this raising the question as to whether it was freedom day at all.  Sacha Lord, night time economy advisor for Greater Manchester, stated on Monday “the whole industry has been taken by surprise by this measure“.  Raising his own concerns regarding the potential discrimination against individuals that cannot have vaccination due to medical conditions, age or simply by their personal choice, Sacha Lord stated, “with this one move, the Government appears to have wiped out live gigs for a whole generation”.

The international protests continued peacefully across major cities yesterday, including here in the UK, – Manchester, London, Leeds, Birmingham, Plymouth, Canterbury, Scarborough, Hull, Norwich and Bristol, Cardiff, and Northern Ireland ( – all with limited coverage by large mainstream media corporations.

Can this volume of protestors across the globe with a collective voice and mutual values, be ignored?  Whether in agreement with the objectives of the protests or not, maybe it should open a dialogue for discussion of these points and what we, as a society are willing to accept as our ‘new normal’.

What do you think? We’d love to hear your views!



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